The first L1 blockchain built specifically for quantitative developers, asset managers, hedge funds, and financial advisors.

DeFund is an L1 blockchain built for building decentralized permissionless, on-chain trading strategies that are packaged into a dETF (decentralized exchange-traded fund) token, tradable within any ecosystem or CEX.

Our Mission

DeFund's mission is to eliminate the hardest part of building cross-chain structured products in crypto: the infrastructure. This in turn allows asset managers, quants, financial advisors, and financial institutions to build extremely complex cross-chain trading strategies without writing a line of cross-chain logic. In fact, building on DeFund is entirely state management. When you build a dETF contract on DeFund, you simply focus on creating your strategy, DeFund handles the rest.

Why Build A dETF on DeFund?

  • Fast ~ 600ms block times.

  • Chain Agnostic - Bring your dETF tokens anywhere. In fact, you can bridge them to any chain you would like or even a CEX if they support it. It's just a token.

  • Extremely Simple - By eliminating all cross-chain logic, you can build complex structured products in mere hours (or minutes if it's really simple).

  • Access to thousands of tokens from roughly 70 ecosystems (60 IBC chains + 7 EVM chains) and many different tokenized asset classes including spot, and staked assets, with plans to add Options, Leverage, NFT's, real-world assets (RWAs) like Real Estate and Gold, and more.

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