The first sovereign rollup for DeFi, built on Celestia using Rollkit, creating a hub for modular liquidity.

DeFund Finance is a sovereign rollup built on Celestia using Rollkit, designed to create a rich DeFi ecosystem that serves as a hub for all modular liquidity. By leveraging the Celestia DA (Data Availability layer), DeFund Finance aims to provide a comprehensive suite of DeFi products and services tailored to the modular blockchain ecosystem.

Key Features

  1. Hybrid Orderbook/AMM Exchange: DeFund Finance offers a unique decentralized exchange that combines an orderbook and an automated market maker (AMM) model. This hybrid approach minimizes impermanent loss for liquidity providers while enabling efficient trading. When a user provides liquidity to a pool, an equal hedge is automatically taken using either a call or put option, effectively eliminating impermanent loss.

  2. High Leverage Options: Users can access high-leverage options without the risk of liquidation, thanks to DeFund Finance's innovative options protocol. This allows for enhanced trading strategies and risk management.

  3. Structured Product Creation: The platform's robust tech stack enables the seamless creation of various structured products, empowering developers to build sophisticated financial instruments within the DeFund ecosystem.

  4. Modular Liquidity Hub: As the modular blockchain ecosystem grows, DeFund Finance is positioned to become the go-to destination for liquidity across different virtual machines (VMs). By concentrating liquidity from various modular projects and applications, DeFund Finance aims to capture value within the Celestia ecosystem.

  5. Ethereum Compatibility: Users can onboard to DeFund Finance using MetaMask, ensuring a familiar and accessible user experience while tapping into the liquidity of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Built on Rollkit, DeFund Finance benefits from the sovereignty of an L1 blockchain, high throughput, sub-second block times, and efficient lazy block production. The platform's architecture is designed to provide a seamless and performant environment for DeFi applications.

With a focus on building a robust DeFi ecosystem tailored to the modular blockchain landscape, DeFund Finance aims to become the premier destination for cross-VM liquidity and innovative financial products in the Celestia ecosystem and beyond.

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