Asset Abstraction

Asset Abstraction through Calypso and MetaMask

DeFund Finance takes asset interoperability and accessibility to the next level through the integration of two powerful components: Calypso and the Cosmos Metamask Snap. These integrations enable users to perform any action with any asset using one of the most widely used wallets.

Calypso: Any Token, Any Action

Calypso is a groundbreaking protocol that enables seamless interoperability between different blockchain networks and assets. By integrating Calypso into the DeFund Finance ecosystem, we empower users to perform any action with any token, regardless of its native blockchain.

For example, if a user holds MATIC tokens on the Polygon network but wants to mint an option on DeFund Finance, Calypso makes it possible in just one click and one signature. The protocol handles all the necessary routing, bridging, and swapping operations behind the scenes, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.

With Calypso, DeFund Finance breaks down the barriers between different blockchain networks, enabling users to leverage their assets across multiple ecosystems without the need for complex manual operations. This integration greatly enhances the flexibility and liquidity of the DeFund Finance platform, allowing users to access a wide range of financial products and services with their preferred assets.

You can check out Calypso over at

Cosmos MetaMask Snap

DeFund Finance further enhances accessibility by integrating the Cosmos MetaMask Snap. This powerful integration brings Cosmos signing support directly into the MetaMask wallet, enabling over 30 million monthly active users to access DeFund Finance without the need for a separate wallet.

The Cosmos MetaMask Snap eliminates the friction of managing multiple wallets and navigating different user interfaces. By leveraging the familiarity and ease of use of MetaMask, DeFund Finance makes it simple for users to interact with our platform and access our comprehensive suite of financial products and services.

With the Cosmos Metamask Snap, users can seamlessly connect to the DeFund Finance ecosystem, sign transactions, and manage their assets directly from their Metamask wallet. This integration greatly reduces the barriers to entry for users, making DeFund Finance accessible to a vast and growing user base.

The combination of Calypso and the Cosmos Metamask Snap sets DeFund Finance apart as a platform that prioritizes asset interoperability, accessibility, and user experience. By enabling any token to be used for any action and providing a seamless connection through the most widely used wallet, DeFund Finance is well-positioned to attract a diverse range of users and foster the growth of our ecosystem.

Asset abstraction, achieved through the integration of Calypso and the Cosmos Metamask Snap, is a key pillar of DeFund Finance's architecture. It allows us to create a more inclusive, user-friendly, and efficient platform that caters to the needs of both experienced DeFi users and newcomers alike.

You can check out the Cosmos extension for MetaMask at

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