DeFund Finance

Main DAO

How the DeFund DAO is Structured
In order to preserve the longevity and decentralization of the DeFund Finance blockchain, as well as establish an efficient method of being directly involved with the future of the protocol, the DeFund DAO has been created.
The DeFund DAO has a Main DAO + multiple Sub-DAOs structure. Each Sub-DAO is meant to serve a very specific purpose (ex. the Marketing DAO is strictly for marketing DeFund Finance). Currently, there are 4 Sub-DAOs related to the Main DAO. There can always be more or less Sub-DAOs, pending community governance. The DAO is funded by the Community Pool through governance proposals. These funds are held in a multisig wallet. Each DAO/Sub-DAO has its own multi-sig. Multi-sig wallets can only be managed by trusted, elected members of each DAO/Sub-DAO.
For each approved Sub-DAO, there must be at least one member of that Sub-DAO elected to represent that Sub-DAO in the Main DAO.
The formation of an approved Sub-DAO must be approved through on-chain governance.
Entry to each DAO/Sub-DAO is determined by the members of each DAO/Sub-DAO.
We currently have plans to manage the DeFund DAO on DAODAO.
Main DAO Responsibilities:
-Establish a budget for sub-DAOs -Drive overall strategic vision for blockchain -Establish partnerships with other companies/projects/chains -Actively explore new opportunities to improve the chain -Find teams who are interested in building on top of the underlying blockchain
To learn more about joining the DeFund DAO, please message us in our Discord server.