DeFund Finance


With dozens of teams launching dETFs, 1000's of tokens from 60+ IBC chains + 7 EVM chains, and the deepest liquidity, no place is better to build dETFs than DeFund!
With over 25+ dETFs from dozens of teams being launched on DeFund at genesis, come join our community in building dETFs on DeFund. If you are looking to build a dETF on DeFund, don't hesitate to give us a ping at [email protected].


  • Axelar - Through Axelar, we support 1000s of tokens right from genesis from any of the following 10 EVM chains. Plus, you can bridge dETF tokens to any of the following chains through Axelar as well:
    • Ethereum
    • BNB Chain
    • Polygon
    • Avalanche
    • Fantom
    • Moonbeam
    • Aurora
    • Celo
    • Arbitrum
    • Kava
  • Leap Wallet
  • Sei Network
  • More TBA

Broker Exchange Support

Through our aggregation liquidity engine (what we call brokers), we currently support the following DEXs + plan on adding support for:
  • Osmosis
  • Vortex Perpetuals (Sei Network) (Coming soon)
  • Stride Liquid Staked Assets (Coming Soon)
  • Dydx (Pending)
  • Uniswap (Pending)
  • Sushiswap (Pending)
  • PancakeSwap (Pending)
  • DODO (Pending)
  • Balancer (Pending)
  • Curve (Pending)
  • Orca (Pending)
  • Raydium (Pending)
  • Serum (Pending)