DeFund Finance


Info on relayers for running IBC relayers.
Defund currently requires two relayers to run. The Hermes relayer is required for ICA messages to properly run while the Defund custom Ts-Relayer is required for both interchain querying and IBC Cosmwasm messages. Alternatively, you can run the Defund-specific Golang relayer but this relayer is not updated as often as the other relayers.
Defund is also currently working on a new multi-threaded, parallelized relayer built-in Julialang. This should improve interchain querying and interchain transacting substantially by giving the ability to scale IBC transacting speed proportionally to increasing machine thread count.

Hermes Relayer

You can use the Hermes relayer as normal

Defund Ts-Relayer


git clone
cd ts-relayer
npm install
npm run build
npm link
Follow the normal instructions within the repo to configure and start the relayer.

Defund Golang Relayer

####### Currently Out Of Date ########
The Golang relayer can be used and installed as normal from this repo. The only difference is in the config file you have to add an interquery setting like here.

Defund Julia Relayer

Coming soon!!!!!