Index Fund

Our Most Basic dETF

The index fund, built naturally into the etf module, is as bare bones as DeFund gets. In fact, all funds built on DeFund, regardless of how complex or simplistic they are, are wrapped around this basic index fund.

Create Fund Command

The below command is an example of creating a standard dETF on DeFund via the DeFund binary:

Holdings follow a comma seperated list as a string like so denom:percent:poolId:type,denom:percent:poolId:type... with no spaces. This will likely change to a JSON file in the next major upgrade.

# Create a basic index fund

defundd tx etf create-fund COSM2 "The Cosmos Top 2" "The top 2 coins in the cosmos!" uosmo uosmo:50:1:osmosis:spot,ibc/27394FB092D2ECCD56123C74F36E4C1F926001CEADA9CA97EA622B25F41E5EB2:50:2:osmosis:spot 10 5000000 --from keyname

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