Staking dETF

What is a Staking dETF?

A Staking dETF is a dETF composed entirely of staked assets that are staked on each underlying asset's native chain.


The purchaser of a Staking dETF would be instantly staked across a validator's entire portfolio of chains they validate on, or a selection of chains that the creator of the Staking dETF chooses.

A staking dETF is a perfect tool for a validator to provide clients with a liquid, rebalancing, and diversified asset without having to hamper their delegation AUM via undelegation. Holders of the staking dETF can bridge the token(s) to dozens of ecosystems and/or sell on various DEXs, in turn widening validator exposure. Plus, it's perfect for institutions that need to fit within certain mandates like Endowments, Foundations, etc.

Venture Funds

For a venture fund, a staking dETF is a perfect tool to offer passive investors or institutions like Endowments, Foundations, etc who want to mimic a VC's portfolio while the VC maximizes security for its investments.

DAO's + Treasuries

A staking dETF is the perfect tool for DAOs and treasuries to diversify their holdings, decreasing risk.

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